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Hydrogen has been stored as a pressurized gas in high-pressure gas vessels since the beginning of the 20th century. The main reason for pressurizing hydrogen is that when it is pressurized its apparent volume becomes smaller, making storage and transportation more convenient. Hydrogen is a flammable gas and has embrittling property. Hence requires special care from the viewpoint of safety when using pressurized hydrogen. EKC has incorporated all the technical requirements for manufacturing safe storage vessels of pressurized hydrogen storage. Required tests are done in order to qualify steels suitable for use in the manufacture of gas cylinders for hydrogen and hydrogen bearing embrittling gases.

  • We are a renowned gas cylinder cascade manufacturer.
  • Custom designed gas cylinder quads or cascades as per specific requirement are designed and manufactured.
  • Quads have arrangements for forklift at the bottom or lifting hook at the top for an overhead crane for unloading or in-house movement purpose.
  • Horizontal & Vertical quads supplied as per customer requirement.
  • Other sizes can be offered on request.
  • For the domestic market all cylinders are manufactured as per IS 7285, BIS certified and approved by the Cheif Controller of Explosives, Government of India, Nagpur.