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Everest Kanto Cylinder Ltd, established in 1978 is a leading manufacturer of seamless steel gas Cylinders with an annual group turnover exceeding Rs. 550 Crores. From pioneers in development & production of gas cylinders, EKC today is a synonym of safety with well over 2.4 million industrial gas cylinders and 1.1 million CNG cylinders in service. The Company is having its corporate office at 204, Raheja Centre, Free press Journal Marg, Nariman Point, Mumbai 400021 and three manufacturing plants Tarapur and Kandla SEZ in India and JAFZA in Dubai. EKC also has a wholly owned overseas subsidiary company CP Industries Holdings, Inc. The USA. Thanks to a long history in business and adherence to the highest quality standards, EKC enjoys market leadership in the domestic and favorable position in international markets.

EKC’s market coverage is not limited to INDIA & the Middle East but all over the globe for which compliance to all international standards like ISO, EN, IS, BS & D.O.T. will adhere as required. EKC Tarapur has the capacity to produce cylinders with water capacity range from 20 Ltrs to 300 Ltrs, while at Kasez plant small cylinder line has the capacity from 1 Ltrs to 15 Ltrs & a large line from 16 Ltrs to 300 Ltrs. A jumbo cylinder plant is also housed at Kasez which has suitable infrastructure to produce JUMBO cylinders of 3000 Ltrs capacity. EKC Dubai has the capacity to produce cylinders from 1 to 280 Ltrs water capacity and working pressure from 150 – 400 Bar (Test Pressure up to 650 Bar).

Development & Manufacturing of high-quality CNG CYLINDERS used for alternative fuel vehicles is also undertaken by EKC in its commitment to a cleaner environment that controls pollution. EKC CNG cylinders undergo ultrasonic inspection in the manufacturing line for detection of any possible hidden defects. These cylinders also undergo a series of cyclic testing to simulate their operating conditions and even its life. Apart from the standard cylinders we also undertake orders for customized requirements for varying material and sizes for classified applications in defense for ultra high-pressure requirements. With unique supplies to ISRO and DMDE, we are now equipped to meet stringent quality requirements.

High Quality of EKC Cylinders is no coincidence, but continuous efforts of their research & development and quality assurance personnel. Each EKC cylinder goes through specified testing at every stage of production by highly qualified quality control process EKC cylinder are approved in 15 countries by respected regulatory/homologation departments.EKC group is also a forerunner in developing new standards in the field through active participation in the apex national standards body in India. EKC is now considered to be the largest Asian manufacturers of High-Pressure gas cylinders. Their key competence lies in adhering to committed product quality, strong interface with customers and flexibility to meet customer requirements.

The hot spinning of the seamless steel tube & bottom formed shells is done in computer controlled hot spinning machines. The cylinders are heat treated in continuous hot furnaces and later on machined on CNC turning center the cylinders are subjected to hydraulic and pneumatic high-pressure tests as stipulated in relevant standards. Regular audit inspections are being done by third party agencies as per customer requirements for every batch of finish products, prior to despatch. The cylinders are stamped with requisite data after internal and external cleaning. Finally, cylinders are painted externally with high-quality industrial paints of different colors as recommended for various gases to be filled in the cylinders.

Within Everest Kanto Cylinder Ltd. Vision is focussed on:

  • The customer;
  • Executive, management and supervisory leadership;
  • Competent employees;
  • Engagement of people using manufacturing excellence;
  • The process auditing approach in management and in IATF 16949: 2016 auditing;
  • Evidence based and metrically proven decision – making.