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EKC compressed air cylinders are designed and manufactured according to the requirements of standard IS 7285. The cylinders are ISI marked to indicate that they have undergone an approval assessment by Bureau of Indian Standards. The cylinder is rated at a working pressure of 200 bar or 300 bar, and the cylinder body and cylinder valve are labeled with the pressure rating. The cylinders are intended for breathing air only and are labeled and color-coded according to INDIAN standards. The cylinder shoulder is painted as per the requirement with black & white color

Complete product range from 1L to 9L cylinders in working pressure 200 bar &300 bar.

Thread Specifications

  • Taper 19.2 or 18.16
  • M18 x 1.5

We also supply bulk cylinders of 40 L & 50 L capacity in 200 to 400 Bar Filling pressure for bulk storage of Breathing Air. We design & supply breathing air cascades & Heliox cascades.