ISO 9001:2015
From 1 Ltr. To 3000 Ltrs.
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EKC cylinders are approved for use all over the world because of EKC’s ability to match customer requirements. We not only supply cylinders with neck threading that meets your requirements, but also with other fittings like valves and guards/caps, painted with colors that meet national and other standards. Our Cylinders are suitable For UL approval & are used worldwide in UL approved systems by many MNC’s.

Providing Cylinders to OEM of Total Flooding System

      – Clean Agent Cylinders – Low pressure up to 150 Bar.

  • FM
  • Novec 1230

      – Inert Gases Cylinders High Pressure From 150 to 300 Bar.

  • IG541 (Inergen)
  • IG55 (Argonite)
  • IG100 (Nitrogen)

      – Water Mist Cylinders high pressure.

Range from 20 L to 180 L.

Thread varieties –

  • 2″ to 3.25″ (2A &2B)
  • M50